Who is the Mahdi
imam muhammad mahdi (as), is in fact the true mahdi which the messenger of allah, muhammamad (saw) has prophesised about. i have seen a website in which someone says that imam muhammad mahdi (as), is dajjal the jewish anti-christ, god forbid, whom the messenger of allah muhammad (saw) has prophesised about. this allegation comes from the website: 'http://www.allaahuakbar.net/shiites/12th_
this is a lie and goes against the following hadith:
"i am the chief of the prophets and ali ibn abi talib is the chief of successors" ....."i and ali and hasan and husayn and nine of the descendants of husayn are the purified ones and the infallible."
fara'id al-simtayn, pg 160.
the author of this hadith is a sunni, and this hadith is a sunni source. the person who quoted lies about imam mahdi (as) has a choice either to believe that imam mahdi (as), was purified and infallible, or to believe that the prophet lied and commited a sin in his statement.
the shias are indeed not raafids, and neither are the sunnis. we are all muslims. the person who wrote that lie about imam mahdi (as) is not in fact a sunni. he is a fool who is trying to divide islam and cause mischeif. i believe that all muslims should unite and discuss our differences in a pieceful manner, as opposed, to this man who tries to divide islam as much as possible, to the extent that he calls a pure infallible descendent of the prophet a sworn enemy of islam. the truth is that this man does not intend to offend the imam, but intends to split islam by offending shia beliefs. we shia are not raafids and we never force people to join our sect. those who do this actions and call themselves shias are not really shias. the messenger of allah, muhammad (saw) said: i and ali and hasan and husayn and nine of the descendants of husayn are the purified ones and the infallible. this is indeed a sunni reference. unlike the man who wrote lies about imam mahdi (as), i do not aim at offending the beliefs of ahl al-sunnah or lying about certain purified individuals. the 14 infallible and purified ones are:
1 prophet muhammad al-mustafa (saw)
2 imam ali ibn abi talib amir al-muminin (as)
3 bibi fatima al-zahra (sa)
4 imam hasan ibn ali al-mujtaba (as)
5 imam husayn ibn ali al-shahid (as)
6 imam ali ibn husayn al-sajjad (as)
7 imam muhammad ibn ali al-baqir (as)
8 imam jaffar ibn muhammad al-sadiq (as)
9 imam musa ibn jaffar al-kadhim (as)
10 imam ali ibn musa al-rida (as)
11 imam muhamamd ibn ali al-jawwad (as)
12 imam ali ibn muhammad al-hadi (as)
13 imam hasan ibn ali al-askari (as)
14 imam muhammad ibn hasan al-mahdi [(as) the messenger of allah has prophesised his coming]
in conclusion, whether you are shia or sunni, you should never be so criticising against others. we are brothers and should unify and should discuss our differences in a peaceful manner. the person who wrote this lie against imam mahdi (as) has commited a big sin, and i pray that god forgives this man and guides him. why he said this lie, i do not know. but if we go on criticising each other in such a hateful manner, no non-muslim, would ever be guided by us. anyone who wishes to consult me should e-mail, me at hussaintirmizi786@hotmail.com. that concludes my statement.

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